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What are two southbound APIs? (Choose two )

  • A. OpenFlow

Which API is used in controller-based architectures to interact with edge devices?

  • D. southbound

What are two characteristics of a controller-based network? (Choose two)

  • B. It uses northbound and southbound APIs to communicate between architectural layers.
  • C. It moves the control plane to a central point.

Which two encoding methods are supported by REST APIs? (Choose two)

  • B. JSON
  • E. XML

An organization has decided to start using cloud-provided services. Which cloud service allows the organization to install its own operating system on a virtual machine?

  • D. infrastructure-as-a-service

Which type of VPN uses a hub-and-spoke configuration to establish a full mesh topology?

  • B. dynamic multipoint VPN

In which two ways does a password manager reduce the chance of a hacker stealing a users password? (Choose two.)

  • C. It protects against keystroke logging on a compromised device or web site.
  • E. It encourages users to create stronger passwords.

An engineer needs to configure LLDP to send the port description time length value (TLV). What command sequence must be implemented?

  • B. switch(config)#lldp port-description

An engineer is configuring NAT to translate the source subnet of to any of three addresses,, . Which configuration should be used?

  • enable
    configure terminal
    ip nat pool mypool prefix-length 30
    access-list 1 permit
    ip nat inside source list 1 pool mypool
    interface g1/1
    ip nat inside
    interface g1/2
    ip nat outside

What is a network appliance that checks the state of a packet to determine whether the packet is legitimate?

  • A. firewall

What criteria is used first during the root port selection process?

  • B. lowest path cost to the root bridge

Which configuration ensures that the switch is always the root for VLAN 750?

  • D. Switch(config)#spanning-tree vlan 750 priority 0

A device detects two stations transmitting frames at the same time. This condition occurs after the first 64 bytes of the frame is received interface counter increments?

  • D. late collision

Which technology is used to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching?

  • A. WSA

Which two WAN architecture options help a business scalability and reliability for the network? (Choose two)

  • A. asychronous routing
  • C. dual-homed branches

What mechanism carries multicast traffic between remote sites and supports encryption?

  • B. GRE over iPsec

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of configuration is represented in the output?

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  • D. Puppet

A port security violation has occurred on a switch port due to the maximum MAC address count being exceeded Which command must be configured to increment the security-violation count and forward an SNMP trap?

  • C. switchport port-security violation restrict

Which two functions are performed by the core layer in a three-tier architecture? (Choose two)

  • A. Provide uninterrupted forwarding service.
  • D. Ensure timely data transfer between layers.

Which CRUD operation modifies an existing table or view?

  • D. update

In software defined architectures, which plane is distributed and responsible for traffic forwarding?

  • D. data plane

Which function is performed by the collapsed core layer in a two-tier architecture?

  • A. enforcing routing policies

Which configuration management mechanism uses TCP port 22 by default when communicating with managed nodes?

  • A. Ansible

How does the dynamically-learned MAC address feature function?

  • A. The CAM table is empty until ingress traffic arrives at each port

A network administrator needs to aggregate 4 ports into a single logical link which must negotiate layer 2 connectivity to ports on another switch What must be configured when using active mode on both sides of the connection?

  • D. LACP

Aside from discarding, which two states does the switch port transition through while using RSTP (802.1w)? (Choose two)

  • C. forwarding
  • D. learning

Which CRUD operation corresponds to the HTTP GET method?

  • A. read

With REST API, which standard HTTP header tells a server which media type is expected by the client?

  • D. Accept: application/json

Refer to the exhibit. After running the code in the exhibit, which step reduces the amount of data that the NETCONF server returns to the NETCONF client, to only the interface’s configuration?

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  • D. Use the JSON library to parse the data returned by the NETCONF server for the interface’s configuration.

What are two functions of an SDN controller? (Choose two)

  • B. coordinating VTNs
  • D. managing the topology

Which WAN topology provides a combination of simplicity quality, and availability?

  • C. point-to-point

When DHCP is configured on a router, which command must be entered so the default gateway is automatically distributed?

  • A. default-router

Which command on a port enters the forwarding state immediately when a PC is connected to it?

  • C. switch(config-if)#spanning-tree portfast trunk

Which switch technology establishes a network connection immediately when it is plugged in?

  • C. UplinkFast

Which JSON data type is an unordered set of attribute- value pairs?

  • C. object

Which two QoS tools provides congestion management? (Choose two)

  • B. CBWFQ
  • C. PQ

Which technology is appropriate for communication between an SDN controller and applications running over the network?


Which network action occurs within the data plane?

  • A. compare the destination IP address to the IP routing table.

Which networking function occurs on the data plane?

  • A. forwarding remote client/server traffic

What does an SDN controller use as a communication protocol to relay forwarding changes to a southbound API?

  • A. OpenFlow

What uses HTTP messages to transfer data to applications residing on different hosts?

  • D. REST

What are two improvements provided by automation for network management in an SDN environment? (Choose two)

  • B. Artificial intelligence identifies and prevents potential design failures.
  • E. Proprietary Cisco APIs leverage multiple network management tools.

syslog for warning conditions and error conditions.?

  • C. logging trap 4

What is the function of a hub-and-spoke WAN topology?

  • B. provides direct connections between subscribers

Which two primary drivers support the need for network automation? (Choose two.)

  • C. Policy-derived provisioning of resources
  • D. Providing a ship entry point for resource provisioning

What is a characteristic of cloud-based network topology?

  • C. services are provided by a public, private, or hybrid deployment

Which HTTP status code is returned after a successful REST API request?

  • A. 200

What is the function of a controller in controller-based networking?

  • A. It serves as the centralized management point of an SDN architecture.

Which level of severity must be set to get informational syslogs?

  • D. debug

Where is the interface between the control plane and data plane within the softwaredefined architecture?

  • A. control layer and the infrastructure layer

When a site-to-site VPN is configured, which IPsec mode provides encapsulation and encryption of the entire original P packet?

  • C. IPsec tunnel mode with EP

496. Which plane is centralized by an SON controller?

  • B. control-plane

What are two characteristics of the distribution layer in a three-tier network architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. serves as the network aggregation point
  • B. provides a boundary between Layer 2 and Layer 3 communications

Which communication interaction takes place when a southbound API Is used?

  • B. between the SON controller and switches and routers on the network

What are two characteristics of a public cloud Implementation? (Choose two.)

  • C. It provides services that are accessed over the Internet.
  • E. It supports network resources from a centralized third-party provider and privately-owned virtual resources

Which virtual MAC address is used by VRRP group 1?

  • C. 0000.5E00.0101

FF00::/8 is used for IPv6 multicast and this is the IPv6 type of address the question wants to ask.

FE80::/10 range is used for link-local addresses. Link-local addresses only used for communications within the local subnetwork (automatic address configuration, neighbor discovery, router discovery, and by many routing protocols). It is only valid on the current subnet.

It is usually created dynamically using a link-local prefix of FE80::/10 and a 64-bit interface identifier (based on 48-bit MAC address).



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